Tradition 80 years of history and a legacy of experience, documents and archives always accessible.
Innovation A constant drive to innovate, not only in technology but also and above all in the way we think.
Creativity The company’s DNA – unique and incomparable. A blend of sensitivity, tradition and foresight.
Quality This has become our obsession over time, enabling us to achieve and maintain excellent standards of quality.
Service Impeccable service tailored to each customer’s needs.
Passion The key to achieve extraordinary objectives.


“This is a company where the key word is family.”

“There is a great sense of belonging to the group. Working to achieve a common purpose.”

“In difficult time the company found itself more united and found strength in it.”

“Digital to flat printing open to technological innovation to meet the needs of increasingly demanding and high customers.”

“It is an amazing Italian story.”

“Many times we are too much generous because we do not accept the sentence ”we cannot do it”.”